• Adonis

  • Grandfather Clock

  • Grandfather Clock

  • Outdoor Clock installed at - The Nehru Gate, Morbi, Gujarat

  • Floral Clock installed at the Hisar Military Station, Haryana

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We believe that clocks are not just objects which display time, they are pieces of elegance and class that traverses the boundaries of time with élan. Timelessness of a clock adds to the character of a premise. Not only does it uphold the respect given to an untainted element like time but also underlines the rich tastes of people.


Out of all the relationships, the relationship shared with time is very significant. Time carries our memories and erudition; at Ghadiali, we share a lasting bond with the technology that our forefathers pioneered and over the past century, we have blended technology with tradition to satisfy people who proudly acknowledge that their present is a gift of the hard work put in by generous people in the past.


With the best in technology and aesthetic sensibilities, our clocks have embellished the lifestyles of thousands and crafted a million triumphant dreams alongside being a symbol of reliability whilst witnessing a generation pass by as a new one rises. We promise that our clock keeps ticking relentlessly as it has been since thirteen glorious decades of triumph and hope.